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"> ***WINTER SPECIAL***  Please see inside for details


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Hens Night - Murder Mystery Party, Sydney - NSW

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Are you wanting to have the ultimate suspense filled Hens Party. Well our Murder Mystery Dinner Party in Sydney takes the cake. Your Hens Night will be filled with suspense, murder and delicious food what more could you ask for?

We have taken care of everything with this package. From the moment you arrive you will be taken care of by your own personal host. You will introduce yourselves; have a read through the details of the game and then the guessing starts. Over a 3 course dinner you and your girlfriends will have to guess who the murderer is, everyone is a suspect! After the dinner has finished we will clear away the dishes and leave you to deliver the verdict….

You have a choice between the following games:
Roman Ruins
The Good, the Bad and the Guilty
Watersdown Affair
BBQ with the Vampires
The Last Train from Paris
The Maiming of the Shrew

This package includes a delicious 3 course meal and we even clear the plates away for you.

Unfortunately we do not allow the consumption of alcohol during these games as this tends to cause the game to go off the rails and lack of concentration on the task at hand will affect the outcome of your Murder Mystery Party.

We have a few venues that can accommodate for this package, please contact us for further details and availability.

We can start the party from either 6:30pm or 7pm. Please contact us for availability.
Duration - It takes about 2.5 hrs -3.5 hrs to play the game depending on which game you pick.

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This experience requires a minimum of 10 people.

Below is a description of the games:
Roman Ruins - The famous Roman poet Flabius Corpus invites you to his latest Poetry Recital. On arrival his guests find his body in the garden...Stabbed in the back and the buttocks. Pottery fragments in his hair, marble fragments around his body, and with three broken ribs. Who killed poor Flabius?

The Good, the Bad, and the Guilty - You are cordially invited to the public hanging of the 'Monovalent Seven' - a group of callous scum who have been victimising our Beloved County for years. The judge Waylon Payne will reside over a dinner before the public hanging.

Watersdown Affair - Sir Roger invites his friends to his mansion for the reading out of his new Will. On arrival they find Sir Roger dead - drowned in his swimming pool. Three Wills have been drawn up...who wrote the Wills and who killed Sir Roger Watersdown?

BBQ with the Vampires - Who is turning the good citizens of Jugular Springs into bats? Find out when you attend Killian Killagen's BBQ at his spooky castle.

The last Train from Paris - A lot like Murder on the Orient Express with a brilliant twist. Find out who killed Fiona Fatale ...the mysterious person in cabin number 9.

The Maiming of The Shrew - It is the twelfth night of Christmas and William Sheepshear and his beloved wife Katheter DeVane have invited you to dine at the Glib Theatre. Instead of the stage being covered with a feast it is covered with blood stains. What mournful foul deeds have been done here?

Q: Is this price per person?
A: Yes this package is $102 per person.

Q: Does this package include a meal?
A: Yes this package includes a 3 course meal.

Q: Is there minimum and maximum number?
A: The minimum number is 10 maximum number is 300.

Q: Where is the restaurant located?
A: We have restaurants in The City, North Sydney, Eastern Suburbs, Airport, Balmain ,Western Suburbs, Parramatta, Penrith, Dural, North Ryde, Liverpool ,Castle Hill, Camden, Cronulla, Bossley Park, Central Coast , Wollongong, Newcastle, Port Stephens and the Blue Mountains.

Q; Do we have a private room?
A: Yes you do.

Q: Can accommodation be arranged.
A: Yes unfortunately we do not do this but you can do this directly with the restaurant.

Q: Do you do Bucks nights and work functions?
A: Yes.

Q: Can we have people under 18 years of age attending?
A: Since we don’t serve alcohol during the game, if you can read you can play. Suitable for all age groups.

Q: Why don’t you serve alcohol during the game?
A: Since this game is based on the accusations and facts that have to come out during the game, and this is fun part of this game, if a person gets intoxicated they can not remember the facts and basically play the game, therefore one intoxicated person can ruin the game completely.

Q: Do you conduct Murder Mystery parties for lunch as well as dinner?
A: Yes we can.

Q: What time do these games normally take place?
A: We normally start around 6pm – 7.30pm.

Q: What game would you recommend?
A: The three most popular games in order of popularity are The Waters Down Affair (2 ½ hrs), Barbeque with the Vampires (2 ½ hrs) & The Last Train from Paris (3hrs).

Q: Can we get dressed up?
A: Of course this adds to the atmosphere on the night

Q: When do we decided on what story line we are after?
A: Once the booking has been made your host will get in touch with you and go over the story lines once you have chosen your game your host will then send you out a list of characters.

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