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Life Drawings, Brisbane / Gold Coast - QLD

Capacity - Minimum of 15 people required
BYO - No BYO. This class is held at a fully licensed venue
Music - We do have our own music collection, but please feel free to bring along your I-pod
Location - Classes can be held in 3 locations in Brisbane. We can also come to your venue, however if you are outside the central district there may be travel costs.
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Have you been left in charge of organising a night full of entertainment, good laughs and great times, then this 2 hour Nude Model Life Drawing class, held in Brisbane & Gold Coast is your secret to success! There is even the option to have your party at one of our fully licensed venues or at your venue! With a female art teacher, state-of-the-art equipment, ridiculously hunky nude model and groups photos included, you won’t want the night to end!

After arriving and meeting your art teacher, this 2 hour Life Drawing class will commence! The muscular nude model will take their position and then it is all over to you and your friends to get drawing him!

Your art teacher is there to not only help you out along the way, but she will throw in a few party games too to keep the fun rolling!

The fun doesn’t end when the drawing does, because to put the icing on the cake, you will all have professional photo’s taken with your hot nude model!

This really is an outstanding experience and one that your guests will thank you for!

Give us a call now to ensure that your time and date is booked!

Duration - 2 hours. Classes run 7 days per week. Saturday runs to a fixed schedule due to high demand. Times are flexible other days of the week.
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Price is per person.

We can do any 2 hour period. Classes run 7 days per week. Saturday runs to a fixed schedule due to high demand. Times are flexible other days of the week.

As the classes are held at a fully licensed restaurant, food will be available.

There is a bar at the venue, so alcohol will be available for purchase on the evening.

Q. Where is the Life Drawings held?
A. Your venue e.g. residential, hotel, private function room etc or we do have licensed venues.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum numbers?
A. The minimum number is 15 people, the maximum our venues can comfortably accommodate is 25, for groups where we come to your venue, there is no maximum number.

Q. What if we don’t have 15 girls?
A. That’s fine, however you would still be required to pay for the minimum of 15 people.

Q. How much space do we need at our venue?
A. This will depend on your group size, you need to be able to position all the easels in a semi-circle around the model.

Q. How long does the class run for?
A. The class runs for two hours.

Q. What sort of games are played?
A. This varies from tutor to tutor but they are all fun drawing based games.

Q. Does it matter if we can't draw?
A. Not at all, our professional tutors will be able to coach you so you still produce some fabulous art works.

Q. Can we choose our model?
A. Unfortunately not, you can however choose whether you have a male or female model.

Q. Are the models good looking?
A. Absolutely.

Q. Is the model completely naked?
A. Yes.

Q. What happens during the class?
A. Lots of music, drawing and laughter while our fabulous and exceptionally talented teachers show you what to do, and our spunky models keep you entertained.

Q. Can we photograph the model?
A. At the end of the class you will have a photo session with the model. For photos during the class you'll need to ask the model.

Q. Do we get to keep our drawings?
A. Yes you do.

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