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About Us

We've been providing Australians with amazing experiences since 2002 and are committed to taking you to the limit.

We offer you the fastest, highest, most daring, most romantic and most life changing experiences available. We have them all here right for the taking. For the past eight years we've been combing the country from coast to coast to find the experiences that'll blow your mind.

From adrenalin 101, skydiving to jet boat rides are a reliable favourite. If you're game, step up to post grad thrills with Jet fighter flights all the way to F4000 drive days. For our softer sides some unbelievable experiences to share the love, romantic gondola dinners to Sydney harbour cruises, it's all here...

Whether it's for a special gift or it's time to fire up your own life, FreemanX can bring it to you, the perfect experience for every occasion. We look forward to organising what'll be an unbeatable yarn over your next BBQ.

So don't coast through life when you can make it what it should be...an unforgettable experience...
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